Monday, November 30, 2009


We just finished up the Casita, actually there are a few more details to go but Justin and Olivia are moving in today. I'm uploading photos of the two RV spots. We have room for a few tents too though we have not gotten that area done. There will be a nice place for picnicing and BBQ too.

Los Ayala is the most wonderful hidden gem of a town. It lies in a little valley just south of the more well known Guyabitos. The beach is maybe a mile long and is the calmest in the area for swimming and boogie boarding. There are restidental areas just above the beach on both the south and north end of it. In the middle is the village of Los Ayala. You can buy any groceries that you need here and there are a few gift shops as well. Nice little palapa restaurants on the beach where you can sit with your feet in the sand while you have your drinks and or food. There are a few beach front hotels here too. You can take the local van busses to Guyabitos and La Penita for 60 pesos. The buses run about every 20 to 30 minutes.

Our lot is located right in the middle of the south residental area so it is very quiet and safe. It is completely walled and has a big steel gate with a little gate for leaving and entering on foot. We have a large shade tree and two of the native oil palms on the site.

We have free washer, indoor and outdoor shower and a toilet. The hookkups include power, water and sewer. We hope to have WiFi soon. There has been quite a bit of new construction in the last couple of years so Telcel is going to put in lines along our street.

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  1. Thanks for the comment about the cloud photo - that was an amazing sight!

    The Casa is looking great - you have a lovely place there now, and the RV and tent spots are a cool idea!

    Good Luck!