Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm back home now. Had a good time planting some things in the new little garden between the RV spaces. We also put in a Traveler Palm and a giant Bird of Paradise along the south wall. These should be huge in no time and offer a more shade and privacy. The red bouganvilla I started last spring is doing well too thanks to Olivias and Justins care. Though i don't have a photo, we added a nice stairway to the roof of the casita and a secure (seguro) room underneath it.

I'm thinking of renting out the Casita during the off season so I'm adding some photos of it on the inside. It's a sweet spot to stay if you like swimming in the ocean particularly as the Los Ayala beach is very safe and usually pretty calm for swimming as it is in the lee of Punta Raza.